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The Basics

How big are they? Are they mean? Do they spit? How long do they live? What are they good for?

Adult alpacas get to be 150-200 pounds. They stand about three feet tall at the shoulders (withers). They can be five feet tall to the tips of their ears.Babies (crias) weigh 15-19 pounds.Alpacas are gentle animals. Unlike most domestic animals, alpacas have never been wild. Their relationship with humans extends back more than 5,000 years. In fact, they may have been the world's first domestic animals.Yes, they spit, but only very, very rarely at humans—unless you get caught in the cross-fire! Most often they spit when they are jostling for position at feeding time or when a female receives unwelcome advances from a male.Alpacas live 15-20 years.Alpaca fiber is softer, stronger, and warmer than wool. Almost all the other US supplies of this kind of luxury fiber, like cashmere, are from foreign sources

Welcome to the New Heartfelt!

heartfelt logo

We hope that you are as thrilled with Heartfelt's new logo and website as we are! With some wonderful guidance from alpaca marketing gurus Ken Weiss and Ken Mannheim and lots of help from the small business and technology specialists at Igniting Business, Heartfelt has had a make-over. We've moved away from the rather staid logo we used in our start-up years to add some color and life to our image. Adding "alpaca creations" to our name tells you more about us. The red color and heart illustrate the passion we have for our work and its quality. And we love the alpaca silhouette peeking out of the heart at us, just to be sure we really do justice to its fabulous fiber!

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