Why Alpaca?

Why alpaca? Simple: fiber qualities. Alpaca fiber is all natural and biodegradable. It has an attractive luster and is stain resistant. Alpaca fiber is very warm and durable.

Alpaca textiles over a thousand years old have been found in excellent condition. Because alpacas are native to the mountains of South America, they have developed fiber that keeps them warm. The hair shaft is hollow, forming tiny, insulating air pockets. This property also aids in wicking moisture away from the skin for better comfort and warmth. An alpaca garment is lighter, more breathable and tests three times warmer than wool.

People who are sensitive to sheep wool are often able to wear alpaca garments. Alpaca is one of the finest, softest fibers in the world, with micron counts ranging from 12-30. Alpaca fiber is smooth down the shaft of each hair, in contrast to sheep's wool, which has tiny barbs down the shaft of each hair. Alpaca fiber does not have the lanolin of sheep wool and therefore is not processed with the chemicals to which some people are allergic.

Because alpaca comes in 22 natural colors (ranging from white to true black, light fawn to dark brown) it is not necessary to dye it for desirable end products. Alpaca fiber is naturally clean and odor free. Alpaca garments are very water repellent, and the fiber is naturally wind resistant. The animals developed these fiber characteristics to help them survive in harsh mountain climates.

Natural, biodegradable, durable, warm, soft, odorless, water repellent, wind resistantf, washable–the excellent fiber qualities of alpaca make Heartfelt products a luxurious yet practical choice!

FiberSteve Hjortness