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Heartfelt Alpaca Creations

cute alpacaHeartfelt is a small company founded by four women from Columbia, Missouri. Heartfelt products range from pet beds and dog coats to housewares that include rugs, wall art, coasters, and hot pads. Heartfelt's most successful product has been the felted alpaca insoles for which a patent is being sought.

Heartfelt products are thoroughly "made in the USA." All of Heartfelt's products are produced by the Heartfelt partners themselves in Columbia, Missouri. Even the Heartfelt equipment is the result of American ingenuity. The FeltLoom™ that felts the Heartfelt alpaca fiber was invented by a Kentucky alpaca breeder. The clicker press that the Heartfelt women use to cut out their insoles, coasters, and hot pads is produced by a manufacturer in Indiana. The mill that cards our fiber into batting is a fourth-generation family-owned company in Michigan.

All these layers of personal investment come through in the quality of Heartfelt's products. Browse our online store and see for yourself!