Alpacas and the Environment

Do they tear up the landscape? What about agricultural run-off from pesticides, herbicides, and animal waste?

  • Alpacas live very lightly on the land. Their soft padded feet and their light weight mean that they don't tear up the landscape.

  • The fact that the dung piles are cleaned up daily means that there is a minimum of run-off from alpaca waste.

  • Alpacas have three-part stomachs that digest hay and grass very efficiently. They don't eat a great deal, nor do they require or even do well on rich, high-protein diets. This means that the need for herbicide and pesticide application on their pastures is minimal if you use them at all.

  • Alpacas don't challenge fences. The real need for fencing is around the perimeter of the alpaca pasture-barn area to protect them from predators.

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