Paca Boost

Paca Boost


Paca Boost is simply small pieces of felted alpaca fiber, and it makes an amazing difference for your plants! Check out the pictures — we lined the bottom of one pot with Paca Boost in April and then planted four moss rose bedding plants in each pot with Miracle Gro potting soil. We kept the pots together in the same location and watered them equally. By July, the difference was striking!

We did a little research on the web, and what we gathered is that the plant pathologists have confirmed that there is a definite positive effect, but they are not sure what causes the effect. One possibility is that hair contains nutrients and proteins and releases them very slowly, functioning as a sort of slow-release fertilizer. Another possibility is that because the fibers have been felted, the spaces between the individual hairs are very small and provide an environment in which microorganisms can thrive so that just the presence of the felt pieces makes the soil healthier. Or maybe both. Whatever it is, it makes for a great, non-chemical boost for your plants and shrubs!

Paca Boost comes in 1-pound bags - $10.00 per bag

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