Heartfelt Alpaca Products are made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions About Heartfelt and Alpacas

I've heard that some companies order Asian products and then add a couple of embellishments and sell them as US-made products. Just how hand-made are Heartfelt products?

Heartfelt uses entirely US-grown alpaca fiber from the Midwest. The fiber is processed by a family-owned fiber mill in Michigan, and the final products are made by the Heartfelt partners themselves at their studio in Columbia, Missouri.

How would I care for a Heartfelt rug?

We recommend the you vacuum Heartfelt rugs with a hard floor or upholstery tool that does not have a beater bar. If the rug is really dirty, you can wash it in the bathtub or hose it off on the driveway. Then just lay it flat to dry.

I have some alpaca fiber in storage. Can I really make a profit by having Heartfelt turn it into insoles?

Definitely. Most breeders who send us fiber to be made into insoles net at least $30 per pound for their fiber by selling the insoles. See our Wholesale page for more details as to how we calculate this.

Will suri fiber work for your insoles?

Certainly! We have made insoles from suri fiber, and as you might expect, they have a smoother feel than the huacaya insoles. It’s a subtle difference, though, and the average person probably wouldn’t notice.

How did you come up with the name Heartfelt?

We took what seemed like forever figuring out a name for our felting business. We had a long list of names and words we were playing with and combining in different ways. When we hit upon “Heartfelt,” it seemed right. It alludes to the heartfelt passion we have for our animals and the products we make from their fiber. It reminds us that this business grew out of America’s heartland, and that we felt the alpaca fiber to make our products.

I’ve done some wet felting of wool fiber, but I’m not familiar with the needle felting technique you use to make Heartfelt products. Are there advantages to needle felting?

We find that needle felting gives us more control over the placement of the design elements on our products. In addition, the FeltLOOM® allows us to make much larger pieces than we could handle with wet felting.

How long will a pair of your insoles last?

That obviously depends upon how often you wear them. In general, they seem to last about a year before they begin to show enough wear that you’d probably want to replace them.

Do you ever allow others to rent time on your FeltLOOM®?

We have offered a few rug-making workshops, but in general we don’t allow others to use our FeltLOOM®. As our business grows, we have less and less time to work with someone else to use it.