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What's the Big Deal About Dryer Balls?

Felted dryer balls seem to be all the rage right now.  If you’re wondering why, there are probably several reasons.

First, they function like fabric softener but don’t deposit any chemicals in your clothing or coat the thermostat in your dryer.  They don’t generate throw-aways like plastic bottles or used dryer sheets. So felted dryer balls are a healthy, green alternative.

We haven’t tested this ourselves yet, but one of our customers tells us that dryer balls reduce drying time significantly.

Alpaca dryer balls don’t have that characteristic “wool smell” when they’re wet, making alpaca dryer balls a pleasant alternative to wool.

Most sources seem to recommend using three balls for a typical home dryer, so Heartfelt sells ours here  in sets of three as well as offering them for individual purchase.

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