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Alpaca Insoles in Summer? Yes!

Fiber's coming in and we are making insoles.  Who needs alpaca insoles in the summer?  You do, you just might not have thought of it.

Alpaca insoles are known and loved for how warm they can keep your feet in the colder weather.  You might not know how nice they can be in the summertime, though.  In the summer crocs are often the footware of choice for barn chores.  Their holes keep you feet cool in the hot weather, but they are plastic, and feet will sweat, which can make the plastic shoes unpleasant.  That's why insoles are the perfect solution. 

Alpaca fiber wicks moisture away from your feet, keeping your feet feeling much drier than they would be alone in those plastic shoes. 

They make the shoes softer, and keep your feet drier.  They are perfect for dealing with hot weather. When barn chores and time spent on animal care can increase with the higher temperatures, alpaca insoles are the perfect, though counter-intuitive answer to your sweaty feet.

Alpaca insoles are also great in waders.  Waders are usually flat, flat, flat, inside, wide and flat.  Water in a mountain stream, coming down from snowpack runoff is COLD!  Insoles in your waders can make those hard, wide, flat waders much more comfortable.  Alpaca fiber not only wicks away moisture, it can keep your feet warm even when wet. 

What?  Yes, it's true, alpaca fiber will keep you warm even when wet. 

Wool can get soggy and very cold when wet, but not alpaca fiber. It will maintain it's thermal properties in the face of moisture.  Farmers and ranchers in the Andes rely on it to keep them warm in all weather, including wet weather.  Those same properties make them perfect for fly fishermen and fisherwomen in mountain streams and rivers.

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