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About Heartfelt Alpaca Creations

Heartfelt is a small company founded by four women from the American heartland. Heartfelt products range from pet beds and dog coats to housewares that include rugs, wall art, coasters, and hot pads. Heartfelt's most successful product has been the felted alpaca insoles for which a patent is being sought.

The seed for Heartfelt was sown a number of years ago when a handful of mid-Missouri alpaca breeders formed a cooperative outlet for their alpaca products. The Heartfelt owners raise their alpacas for their fiber, which is cloud soft yet remarkably strong and warm. Alpacas are shorn once each year and are not harmed in the process. They are gentle, stoic, largely defenseless creatures who live very lightly on the land. It is easy to see their therapeutic presence and their comforting fleeces giving rise to Incan myths of alpacas saving humans.

The early cooperative marketing effort matured when the four Heartfelt partners acquired a FeltLoom™ in 2010. Heartfelt is truly an American business. The FeltLoom™ was invented and is manufactured by an alpaca breeder from Kentucky. The Heartfelt owners' alpaca farms are in mid-Missouri. The mill that processes the fiber into batting is in Michigan. And the final products are produced by the Heartfelt partners themselves in Columbia, Missouri.

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Fiber Processing

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